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Premade Series Covers - Specializing in Fantasy and Science Fiction

Horror Covers

Ordering is easy. Make note of the series name and numbers you want, or the name if it's a standalone, and click the Order link at the top or bottom of the page or beneath a text area like this one.

Gothic 1 Gothic 2 Gothic 3 Order this series

Minimum purchase is three covers in one series ($100) unless you choose one of the standalone covers below, or on the Standalone page.

Bad Dentist 1 Bad Dentist 2 Bad Dentist 3 Order this series

Need three covers but you don't know the title for book 2 or 3 yet? No problem. Place your order now and the rest of the series is retired; you can order the second and third covers at no charge whenever you like.

Angels Wept standalone The Monster Within standalone Her Dark Companion standalone Order

Standalone covers are $45 unless otherwise marked.

Scythe standalone Lantern standalone Blue Woman standalone Place an Order

In some cases there is similar stock art available and I can make further covers in a series beyond what you see here. In other cases I've exhausted the stock art possibilities. If you need more than what you see here, use the Contact page to enquire about a particular series.

Lights in the Sky standalone Air Mask Man standalone Black Helmet standalone Place an Order

Like some of the covers, but not in the order I chose? Take any 3 covers in the series and I'll renumber them at no charge.

Air Mask Girl standalone Hooded Man standalone Owl standalone Place an Order

Not sure how many covers you'll eventually need? The rest of the series will be available ($35 each) whenever you are ready to order them.

Scary Man standalone Place an Order