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Premade Series Covers - Specializing in Fantasy and Science Fiction

Steampunk/Victorian Series Covers

Minimum purchase is three covers in one series ($100) unless you choose one of the standalone covers below, or on the Standalone page.

Airship 1 Airship 2 Airship 3 Order this series

Need three covers but you don't know the title for book 2 or 3 yet? No problem. Place your order now and the rest of the series is retired; you can order the second and third covers at no charge whenever you like.

Steampunk Closeup 1 Steampunk Closeup 2 Steampunk Closeup 3 Click Here to order this series

Ordering is easy. Make note of the series name and numbers you want, or the name if it's a standalone, and click the Order link at the top or bottom of the page or beneath a text area like this one.

Airship Tales 1 Airship Tales 2 Airship Tales 3 Click Here to order this series

Lady of Aether Lady of Gears Lady of Steam Lady of Devices

Wondrous Machine 1 Wondrous Machine 2 Wondrous Machine 3 Wondrous Machine 4

Standalone covers are $45 unless otherwise marked.

Like some of the covers, but not in the order I chose? Take any 3 covers in the series and I'll renumber them at no charge.

Change the order, change the text, or add a tag line at no extra charge.

Victorian Couple standalone Click Here to order this cover